We are building stents and grafts with an integrated sensor platform and leveraging our proprietary cloud software to change patient lives.


GraftWorx seamlessly integrates a sensor package into the bypass graft or stent and interrogates the device daily via a smartphone app.


GraftWorx has already developed a HIPAA-compliant cloud solution able to communicate with our "smart" cardiovascular implantables and securely store and analyze data generated from the sensors.


GraftWorx' integrated cloud platform allows us to identify patients who are at risk of poor outcomes, such as an amputation or heart attack, and allows lower cost preventative measures to be taken. This lowers overall hospital expenditures and decreases readmission rates.


With the new Medicare reimbursement for remote monitoring of chronic conditions, GraftWorx can help clinicians increase revenue by $50-100 per patient per month for their practice while reducing the number of bad outcomes.

GraftWorx in the News

GraftWorx Obtains a Pioneer of Sensor Technology and a Key Leader in MEMS

"Both Jim Reich and Ray Farnham will be able to advance the sensor technology of our minimally invasive, cardiovascular implants and continue to develop our remote patient monitoring system." GraftWorx, LLC, a new biotech company developing implantable technology for integrated remote patient monitoring, today announced two new members, Jim Reich, a pioneer of sensor technology, and Ray Farnham, former President of mCube, the provider of the world's smallest MEMS motion sensors.

The Team

David J. Kuraguntla

David was preparing to begin a surgical residency when he was confronted with the need for the GraftWorx device. While researching a possible solution, he invented the GraftWorx technology and currently leads the company.

Samit K. Gupta, PhD

Samit is a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and leads the company’s product development activities. He sold his first company, O2 Insights, to J&J Advanced Wound Care.

Anthony Flannery, PhD

VP of Engineering
Anthony leads the engineering efforts at GraftWorx. Prior to joining us, he co-founded Invensense, and has played key roles at several sensor companies, including MCube and Axept.

Victor Moussalem

Head of Product
Victor brings a varied background to GraftWorx and is currently leading Software and Product efforts. He's looking to build out the team as the company's Software challenges are growing quickly.

Amy Steig

VP of Clinical Trials
Amy is VP of Clinical Trials at GraftWorx.

Peter Shao

Data Engineer
Peter is a UCLA School of Electrical Engineering Graduate and a former Fitbit Engineer.

Ray Farnham

Ray is COO at GraftWorx and has a vast leadership experience at companies such as mCube and National Semiconductor.

Robert McCulloch

Robert is a Senior financial executive with particular strengths in evaluating strategic alternatives and driving organizations to achieve set strategies and goals. He is currently CFO.

Jim Reich

Embedded Systems development Lead
Jim leads embedded systems development at Graftworx. He has built sensing and control systems for areas as diverse as spacecraft, cooking devices and parking sensor networks. He’s been an early employee or cofounder at several startups, and led the pioneering sensor network group at Xerox PARC.